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UTAS 15 Pump Action Bullpup Shotgun (holds 15 rounds)

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UTAS 15 Pump Action Bullpup Shotgun (holds 15 rounds)
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The pump action shotgun has been prized by the military, police and hunters for it’s uncompromising dependability and ruggedness. First perfected in the John Browning designed 1897 Winchester, the pump gun saw service in WWI with the addition of a heat deflector and bayonet lug, but little else differentiated it form the old pump-gun favored by American wing shooters. In fact, all pump action shotguns used by military and police have been hunting guns modified with extended magazine tubes and modified stocks, until today.

The UTS-15 was designed from the ground up as the ultimate tactical shotgun, which in turn made it the quickest handling tactical shotgun every devised. With a short stroke, butter smooth action, three lug rotary locking bolt, 15 round magazine capacity in a package of only 29” in length, no other pump-action shotgun can compare to the ruggedness, strength and versatility of the UTS-15. With a full length picatinny rail a wide variety of sights can be easily mounted, from combat iron sights to most optics. Whether day or night in any field of combat the UTS-15 will stand up to the mission.

Built to military specifications utilizing 7000 series aluminum, fiber reinforced polymers and 4140 ordinance grade steel, the UTS-15 features a 3-lug bolt head that locks the action closed when a round is chambered. The bolt release button is located under the rear of the stock well away from the trigger for added safety when unloading a live round from the chamber. Dual loading port doors and side loaded magazines provide for super fast reloading without the hassle and awkwardness associated with other pump shotguns. The UTS-15 will fire any 2 ¾” or 3” 12 ga. shell on the market with complete reliability and safety. No adjustments are necessary, just load and shoot.

The UTS-15’s patented dual, selectable magazine system feeds shells alternately from each magazine tube when the selector is in the center position. Shells can be fed from individual magazines by moving the selector to the left or right position. The shell loading carriage is spring operated to provide instant and positive shell feeding every time no matter how fast or slow the action is pumped or in what position the gun is held; left side, right side or even upside down the UTS-15 loads lightning fast every time.


Caliber: 12 Gauge
Capacity: 15 2-3/4" 12 gauge shells
Barrel: 18.25"
Trigger: Standard
Length: 29"
Weight: 7.8lbs
Safety: Lever AR-15 style
Stock Type: Black Polymer
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