Basic Handgun Training
Basic Handgun Training

Basic Handgun Training

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Handgun safety and training for beginners
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Basic Handgun Training classes are available for beginners as one on one training or for groups of 2-4 people.  Price listed is the per hour rate for one on one training.  Typical training time is 2 hours.

Students will first be instructed in the proper safe handling of a firearm.  We will go over the basic rules of handgun safety and commit them to memory.  We will then learn the proper stance, grip, sight alignment and trigger control.  Instruction will move at a pace that the student is comfortable with.  There is no yelling or pushing the student faster than he/she is comfortable doing.  This is not the military and our instructors are not drill sergeants.  You will be treated in a professional, relaxed manner that will keep you comfortable and focused on learning the fundamentals of proper handgun safety and shooting. 

We will provide targets and range gear if needed.  The student should bring their own handgun and ammunition.  If the student(s) does not yet own a handgun we will rent one to you for a small fee.  We can also provide several different types of handguns for the student to try if interested.  Please contact us at [email protected] or 281-734-3905 to schedule your class. 

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